Saturday, November 5, 2011

Top Ranked Films of Krszystof Kieslowski

Krszystof  Kieslowski
6 titles, 51st with 14,576 points

These are all the films of Polish director Krszystof Kieslowski’s that made the top 1000 in our 2011 update of the Top Ranked 1000 Films on the Net, all polls.

1. Three Colours: Red (1994) #275
2. Double Life of Veronique, The (1991) #344
3. Dekalog (1988) #361
4. Three Colours: Blue (1993) #420 My favorite of the three colors
5. Short Film About Killing, A (1988) #771
6. Three Colours: White (1994) #844

Just outside the top 1000
7. Short Film About Love, A (1988) #1396 I prefer this to the Killing one, but I could be wrong

Three Colours: Blue is a very interesting film about a woman continuing with her life after the death of her husband. This film has a strong music composition component that interested me.

I have a hard time picking a most distinguished film among these – they are all very good, none seem to be masterpieces. I suppose just because of the attempt, scope, and ingenuity that Dekalog may be the one deemed a classic in the future. It’s really ten short films put together in two feature length parts. I found it slow and uneven but riveting in parts.

Kieslowski is an artist, no one will deny that. Each film is at least interesting and worth seeing.

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