Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Millionth Page View

This happened earlier today and I grabbed a screen
shot from each blog, total = 1,000,812, but Google
started keeping these stats about a year after
I started these blogs, so this is half our real total

Thanks to all our visitors, we just crossed one million total page views on both film blogs combined, 860k here at World's Best Films, which is mostly poll results, award lists, and films by genre or director, and 140k at 1000 Dvds to See, which is our site for individual reviews of what I'm building as my top 1000 to view (around 810 so far), which includes feature length films, tv miniseries, concert films, and documentaries.

The miniseries all have an end, so the work can be viewed in its entirety - I've found that the best of these are often just 4-6 hours, or one long novel, like Lonesome Dove (1989), and on the long side don't usually exceed 10-12 episodes, such as Band of Brothers (2001), Brideshead Revisited (1981), and Into the West (2005), and I believe The Prisoner (1967) was 16, but from network tv so each only ran around 48-50 minutes, 2 of which were the same filmed intro to the series as titles that served as a story bridge to McGoohan's Secret Agent series, which preceded this epilogue.

Thanks for checking us out and for hanging out awhile, most of you are viewing 5+ pages - I'll have to admit there are lots of lists here to get lost in, I'm often finding ones I need to update, and we always welcome suggestions, especially for non-English films, we don't have enough of those yet in print in the U.S.


The Mud Doctor said...

Wow, congrats you guys. This is truly one of the best film blogs that I've come across.

Jose Sinclair said...

Thanks a lot, Mud Doctor! that's high praise from someone who cures mud!

We Aim to Entertaim - wait!

This has been three years and many hours of work mostly in the dead of night, when "only dogs and criminals are up" (police expression, got that from a crime film..)

Hope you'll be a regular - tell your friends, mud is everywhere

Lawrence Jose Sinclair, el Presidente (el Jefe)