Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top Ranked Films of John Huston

John Huston
41st w 17680 pts, 5 titles

These are all the films of John Huston’s that made the top 1000 in our 2011 update of the Top Ranked 1000 Films on the Net, all polls.

1. Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) bw #93
2. The Maltese Falcon (1941) bw #102
3. African Queen, The (1951) #459
4. Asphalt Jungle, The (1950) #473
5. Dead, The (1987) #616

and those that just missed
6. Misfits, The (1961) #1005
7. The Man Who Would Be King (1975) #1107
8. Fat City (1972) #1149

If all of his ranked films were included in my point totals, Huston would be ranked 27th with 20,838. Maybe next poll update, I'll expand to include the top 2000 films when I rank the directors.

In my opinion, he should have more ranked films, see my list below, my bottom 5 should all also be ranked on the polls, especially if they're going to mention Fat City. He is still the only director to direct both a parent, dad Walter (Treasure of the Sierra Madre), and a child, daughter Angelica (Prizzi's Honor), to acting Oscars.

My favorite Hustons:
1- The Maltese Falcon
2- The Man Who Would Be King - very underrated, one of the great adventure films
3- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
4- The Asphalt Jungle
5- Prizzi's Honor (1985)
6- The Red Badge of Courage (1951) - though butchered down to 90 min. by the studio and released as a 'b' film on double features! Huston thought it was his finest film.
7- Key Largo (1948)
8- Beat the Devil (1954)
9- Moby Dick (1956)

We can forgive his acting in Chinatown,
he's such a cool ole dude

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