Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best 10 Films of Germany

In The Lives of Others, the E. German state
police tap a dissident playright's home
  1. The Lives of Others (2007) [AA] No. 57 on the IMDB 250 62 awards overall (out of just 83 nominations) one of just 5 films to win an AA and BAFTA for foreign film, a thought-provoking film with much depth
  2. Run Lola Run (1998) this relentless film moves from the get go and never lets up 26 awards overall
  3. Good Bye, Lenin! (2003) terrific comedy, the most loving son in all of cinema 31 awards overall
  4. Fitzcarraldo (1982)  one man's obsession, bring opera to the Amazon jungle 4 awards overall
  5. Das Boot (The Boat) (1981) No. 63 on the IMDB 250 a harrowing journey inside a German U-boat 9 awards overall (6 Oscar nominations)
  6. Nowhere in Africa (2002) [AA] a Jewish mother takes her daugher to Kenya to escape the Nazis 18 awards overall (in just 25 nominations)
  7. Triumph of the Will (1935) bw, documentary chronicles the rise of the Nazis
  8. Olympia (1938) bw, documentary a journal of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games 2 awards (the Mussolini Cup!)
  9. Downfall (2004) No. 95 on the IMDB 250 documents the last days in Hitler's bunker, based on his secretary's memoirs 15 awards overall
  10. Beyond Silence (1996) a daughter of deaf-mutes wants to be a musician like her aunt 10 awards overall
  11. Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972) a Spanish explorer is obsessed with gold 3 awards overall
  12. The Story of the Weeping Camel (2003) documentary a camel rejects her newborn so its owners seek a healing musician 9 awards overall
  13. Metropolis (1927) Germany, bw-silent No. 94 on the IMDB 250 Fritz Lang's visionary masterpiece is a bit dated now
  14. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) Germany they said Patrick Suskind's novel couldn't be filmed, but it made a good serial killer film 12 awards overall

Spanish explorer Aguirre becomes obsessed 
with the "Lost City of Gold" in So. America 

Leni Reifenstahl later apologized for her two films that glorified Nazi Germany, but since they are such great art, she shouldn't.. she forever changed the look of documentaries and propaganda. Triumph of the Will was so successful that Hitler was awarded "Man of the Year" by Time Magazine in 1935, largely due to this film.

Others Worth Seeing..

The White Ribbon (2009) Palm d'Or at Cannes
The Harmonists (1997)
The Tunnel (2001)
Touch the Sound (2004)
Cobra Verde (1987)
Gloomy Sunday (1999)

[AA] = Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

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