Friday, February 19, 2010

Angie G - My First Published Composition

This is my first published composition at TuneCore, now titled "Angie G (Eulogy)" (TuneCore removed the spaces and capital G, dunno why).. in the future, "available at an online store near you".. this was originally "Eulogy for my Mother", written on a Yamaha Digital Grand about a week after getting it, written for horns and strings. I ported it into the computer, used Cakewalk to change it to guitar and piano, then I renamed it for my singer friend, Angie, who liked it best of all my compositions. The album title should actually read Little Journeys, which is my homemade CD of my first five compositions (in order of creation): 1.Awakening 2.Sky 3.Eulogy 4.Angie G 5.Gone These were all written in three weeks (the first one, Awakening, in just three hours after getting the synth), then I spent about four months getting the proper MIDI to USB cable, porting them into Cakewalk, then exporting them as MP3 and WAV files. That took longer than writing the music originally! Everyone, including Yamaha, was out of the connecting cables (the keyboards are for sale literally everywhere, why does no one carry the computer interface cable?) - I had to wait for one from the factory in Malaysia.. (Doh!) [Shameless self-promotion here! "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes to mind - Jose]


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