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Top Ranked Films from Brazil and Mexico

20 total (10 each), with 14 in the top 1000 (7 each). Ironic, that most Mexican films were directed by Spaniard Luis Buñuel, even one by a Russian, Sergei Eisenstein. [I'm using the IMDB country designations, which are often joint collaberations, just to get the financing].

These two countries had the most films listed in the the western hemisphere, after the U.S. and Canada.

1. City of God [Meirelles, Fernando and Lund, Katia; 2002] #192 - Brazil-Germany-France [photo top] - Lund was a photojournalist with experience working in the slums that Fernando had assist him on this film, as this is based on the story of a young photographer who took pictures of the violence in this slum city.

2. Children of Men [Meirelles, Fernando; 2006] #458 - Brazil
3. Black God, White Devil [Rocha, Glauber; 1964] #528 - Brazil
4. Terra em Transe [Rocha, Glauber; 1967] #617 - Brazil
5. Antonio das Mortes [Rocha, Glauber; 1969] #668 - Brazil
6. Barren Lives [Dos Santos, Nelson Pereira; 1963] #752 - Brazil
7. Limite [Peixoto, Mario; 1931] #897 - Brazil
8. Black Orpheus [Camus, Marcel; 1959] #1124 - Brazil-France-Italy
9. Pixote [Babenco, Hector; 1981] #1237 - Brazil
10. Central Station [Salles, Walter; 1998] #1238 - Brazil

I'm a big fan of both Meirelles, City of God is a masterpiece, and Salles, whose Motorcycle Diaries is also excellent, but is listed as U.S., not Brazil, though Salles is from Rio de Janiero.

I've yet to see the Rocha films, they are currently unavailable at Netflix.

Black Orpheus is also a classic, a modernized myth, and should be ranked much higher, like the top 200. It's a rare combination of music and film that become so symbiotic they can't be separated.

1. Pan's Labyrinth [del Toro, Guillermo; 2006] #154 - Mexico
2. Los Olvidados [Buñuel, Luis; 1950] #372 - Mexico
3. Exterminating Angel, The [Buñuel, Luis; 1962] #403 - Mexico
4. Y Tu Mamá También [Cuarón, Alfonso; 2001] #470 - Mexico
5. Amores perros [Inarritu, Alejandro Gonzalez; 2000] #489 - Mexico
6. El [Buñuel, Luis; 1953] #520 - Mexico
7. Que viva - Mexico! [Eisenstein, Sergei; 1932] #663 - Mexico-US
8. Nazarín [Buñuel, Luis; 1959] #1078 - Mexico
 9. Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz, The [Buñuel, Luis; 1955] #1172 - Mexico
10. Simon of the Desert [Buñuel, Luis; 1965] #1214 - Mexico

I'm not a big fan of Pan's, though it did have some interesting special effects (in a kind of 50's way); but I found it mostly sensationalism without a lot of substance behind the imagery, and I can do without watching a man sew his torn up face together in a mirror.

Buñuel, a surrealist who works without a script (and sometimes with Salvador Dali), does a lot of improvising, and is an acquired taste - many of his films will test your patience, which Exterminating Angel did for me.

Viridiana (Spanish, the #1 ranked film solely from Spain) was much more interesting.

Cuaron (Y Tu Mamá También) is one of the best young directors, and all his films are worth seeing.

Missing: Inarritu's Babel, which I found much more artistic and riveting than Amores Perros, which has some very disturbing dog scenes.

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