Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top 10 Movies with Wine

I'm not sure the point of this list from toptenz.net, because they have French Kiss rated ahead of Silence of the Lambs and Godfather. So do they mean "top 10 film treatments of wine relative to plot or screen time"? The site has clips of quotes, but it didn't say "top 10 film quotes about wine". (Then Silence would certainly be #1, the "liver with chianti" line) At any rate, I thought the list was interesting, though I'm looking for Big Night (the gourmet meal film), The Big Chill (wasn't that bunch a white wine group?), and Metropolitan (those effete snobs had to be wine connoisseurs as well), or even the poison champagne (really LSD) in Dollars ($). There's also a major French dinner with wine in Apocalypse Now Redux, a scene added in the long version. Special mention should be made of A Clockwork Orange; each night before the "old ultra-violence", Alex and his Droogs would visit the Corova Milk Bar drink magic drinks (that flowed from the nipples of nude statues) that we assume was psychedelics mixed with alcohol. Kubrick was a genius, especially for transforming good books into either great or at least interesting, controversial films (2001, Clockwork, Dr. Strangelove, Barry Lyndon, Lolita, Eyes Wide Shut) Still, an interesting wine cult film list, not something you see everywhere. Here it is in countdown order: 10. Silence of the Lambs 9. The Godfather 8. The Princess Bride 7. French Kiss 6. Arsenic and Old Lace 5. The Big Sleep 4. Casablanca 3. A Walk in the Clouds 2. Notorious 1. Sideways - winner of six Indy Film Spirit Awards, including picture; Golden Globe winner for Best Comedy or Musical; nominated for 5 Oscars® including picture and director. For the original post with film clips from each with a wine quote: Top 10 Movies With Wine "Viddy this and viddy it well!" - A Clockwork Orange

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