Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top 100 Nations by Visitor Count

These are not totally accurate for not every visitor to the site gets counted, but according to the data at ClustrMaps (that's their visitor map on the right side), these are the rankings for our visitor counts by nation so far in 2009 (I forgot to grab them at the end of 2008), after the U.S. of course, and India is catching up to the U.S., they passed the U.K. late last year and are gaining on our U.S. totals! The multiple listings are due to same count totals. Our Top 100 Visiting Nations 1 - India (IN) 2 - United Kingdom (GB) 3 - Canada (CA) 4 - Australia (AU) 5 - Sweden (SE) 6 - Turkey (TR) 7 - Philippines (PH) 8 - Denmark (DK) 9 - Germany (DE) 10 - Sri Lanka (LK) 11 - Norway (NO), Singapore (SG) 13 - Pakistan (PK) 14 - United Arab Emirates (AE), France (FR), Spain (ES) 17 - Romania (RO), Finland (FI) 19 - Malaysia (MY) , Czech Republic (CZ) 21 - Netherlands (NL) 22 - Bangladesh (BD), Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR), Egypt (EG), Poland (PL) 26 - Serbia (RS), Japan (JP), Mexico (MX), Estonia (EE) 30 - China (CN), Ukraine (UA) 32 - New Zealand (NZ), Belgium (BE), Lithuania (LT) 35 - Latvia (LV), Georgia (GE), Ireland (IE), Indonesia (ID), Greece (GR) 40 - Qatar (QA), Saudi Arabia (SA) 42 - Portugal (PT), Hungary (HU), Bulgaria (BG), Europe (EU), Switzerland (CH), Thailand (TH), Croatia (HR) 49 - South Africa (ZA), Colombia (CO), Korea, Republic of (KR), Slovenia (SI) 53 - Macedonia (MK), Russian Federation (RU), Israel (IL), Brazil (BR), 57 - Kuwait (KW), Slovakia (SK), Asia/Pacific Region (AP), Cyprus (CY), Malta (MT) 62 - Mongolia (MN), Hong Kong (HK), Austria (AT), Venezuela (VE), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) 67 - Iceland (IS), Argentina (AR), Moldova, Republic of (MD), Chile (CL), El Salvador (SV), Dominican Republic (DO), Montenegro (ME), Puerto Rico (PR), Tunisia (TN), Morocco (MA) 78 - Ghana (GH), Kenya (KE), Brunei Darussalam (BN), Peru (PE), Maldives (MV), Jordan (JO), Gibraltar (GI), Faroe Islands (FO), Nigeria (NG), Botswana (BW), Mauritius (MU), Ethiopia (ET), Senegal (SN), Trinidad and Tobago (TT), Dominica They always say math or music are the "universal language" - music at least needs no translation. However, it's obvious that everyone in the world loves movies. Thanks to all our visitors around the globe!

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