Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Directors: James Ivory

American director (as I was corrected!) James Ivory, most often worked with Indian producer Ishmael Merchant, who died in 2005, concentrating their work primarily on adaptations of classic and modern literature. I've never seen an Ivory film that wasn't worth watching. My favorites are Heat and Dust, and A Room With a View, a BAFTA winner for Best Film: Complete Filmography The Householder (1963) Shakespeare Wallah (1965) Bombay Talkie (1970) Savages (1972) The Wild Party (1975) Roseland (1977) Georgie and Bonnie’s Pictures (1978) The Europeans (1979) Jane Austen in Manhattan (1980) Quartet (1981) Heat and Dust (1983) The Bostonians (1984) A Room With a View (1986) Maurice (1987) Slaves of New York (1989) Mr. And Mrs. Bridge (1990) Howard’s End (1992) Lumiere and Company (1995) Jefferson in Paris (1995) The Golden Bowl (2000) The Five Forty-Eight (2002) Le Divorce (2003) The White Countess (2005)


Anonymous said...

James Ivory is American director, and his father Irish, and mother French. Not British director.

Anonymous said...

James Ivory is American director (but Father Irish, Mother French). And he still alive. His partner and producer ISMAIL Merchan died in 2005.

Jose Sinclair said...

Thanks for the correction. Also on which partner died; was sorry to hear that it was either one. Ironic, I was doing this post as a tribute to his whole career, which may not be over!

They seem to be a rarity in film: artists dedicated to perpetuating classic literature transformed into film.

We need more such artists, don't we? Kenneth Branagh is all over the map, I'm still reeling from his apparent musical inability mixed with Shakespeare.. what is he THINKING sometimes?

thanks! so Ivory is Irish-French-American? it must work, he has a great touch.