Friday, March 9, 2012

DVD Movies For Sale

I'm starting to sell part of my personal dvd collection, I just have too many now.. If marked "like new", they were played once; the others are all in very good condition.

I'm putting them on EBay, but since they take a cut, I can sell them here for less, also through PayPal.. All are widescreen format unless marked otherwise.

Prices include shipping. Click any image for a full-sized view and you can scroll through them from there (these are actual scans of my own covers; check The Majestic for proof).

Here are the ones I currently have for sale:

Hidden Fortress (d. Akira Kurosawa, 1958, bw, 139m) - acknowledge by George Lucas as an influence on Star Wars, this Kurosawa classic is a tale of a general and a princess who must smuggle a fortune out while dodging enemy clans and assisted by two bumbling peasants. I played this once, to move it onto my computer. This is a new 16x9 (widescreen) transfer.

Like new - price: $9.00 SOLD

One-Eyed Jacks (d. Marlon Brando, 1961, 141m) - Brando's epic western, which he directed and starred in, along with Karl Malden and Ben Johnson. This has to be the only western filmed in Monterey and Carmel, California, with some scenes on the beach.

This is a very long western, at nearly two and a half hours, and is definitely not your average western fare.

Like new - price: $5.25

Zardoz (d. John Boorman, 1974, 105m) - very interesting science fiction, in which a group of scientists and elitists live in a domed, protected city on a largely barbarous planet. Sean Connery lives among the barbarians, who constantly receive weapons via a giant floating head, a "god" known as Zardoz. Connery infiltrates the city to solve it's mysteries, and naturally becomes a sex-object with the isolated females.

Like new - price: $4.75

The Scorpion King (d. Chuck Russell, 2002, 92m) - wild adventure fantasy much like Raiders of the Lost Ark and the old Saturday matinee serials. This one involves Egyptology, mummies coming to life, and a pantheon of special effects. Stars The Rock and Kelly Hu

Like new - price: $4.00
Total Recall (d. Paul Verhoeven, 1990, 113m) - classic Schwarzenegger science fiction, this one based on a story by Philip K. Dick, author of Blade Runner, Minority Report, and The Adjustment Bureau. In examining the memory implants of a man about a vacation on Mars, it turns out he may have actually gone there.

Like new - price: $4.00

The Sixth Day (d. Roger Spottiswode, 2002, 123m)  - apocalyptic science fiction tale given "Two Thumbs Up" by Ebert and Roper. Another of Schwartzenegger's classic action based SF films. Here he plays an ace pilot that was illegally cloned by a corporation. Co-starring Robert Duvall.

Very good condition - price: $4.00

Solaris (d. Steven Soderbergh, prod. by James Cameron, 2002, 99m) - the classic Russian science fiction novel by Stanislaw Lem is refilmed here for the west, in English, starring George Clooney. Given "Two thumbs up" by Ebert and Roeper, this story is about a lonely space station orbiting a mysterious living planet, there to study it for signs of life.

Like new - price: $4.75

The Majestic (d. Frank Darabont, 2001, 152m) - from the director of Shawshank Redemption comes one of Jim Carrey's best performances, with "Two thumbs up" from Ebert and Roeper. This is a "valentine's to the movies" and one man's quest for his personal identity. Carrey plays a Hollywood screenwriter whose memories are erased by an auto accident.

Very good condition - price: $4.00

Austin Powers in Goldmember (d. Jay Roach, 2002, 94m) - the third film in the Austin Powers series is a hilarious spoof of James Bond films. One of the best lines: "I will kill you in an excrutiatingly slow manner giving you plenty of time to escape", which was typical of the 007 series (no one ever thought to just shoot him at point blank range). This one also stars Beyoncé, Michael Caine, Michael York (Major Exposition), Robert Wagner (No. 2), and of course, Verne Troyer as Mini-me.

Very good condition - price: $4.00

"I put the grrr in swinger, baby!" - Austin Powers

The Count of Monte Cristo (d. Kevin Reynolds, 2002, 131m) - the director of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves here updates another classic novel and film, giving us a credible film version for the first time. Stars Jim Caviezal, Guy Pearce, and Richard Harris.

Very good condition - price: $4.00 SOLD

The Time Machine (d. Simon Wells, 2002,  96m) - a modern update of the classic H.G. Wells novel, this time with CGI special effects that makes it look like a real science fiction movie for once, making this easily the best filmed version of the novel. Stars Guy Pearce, Samantha Mumba, and Jeremy Irons.

Very good condition - price: $4.75

The Talented Mr. Ripley (d. Anthony Minghella, 1999,  138m) - Gripping crime suspense, as Matt Damon becomes a hanger-on, with Jude Law spending his family's money in Italy, while girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow is first attracted then disturbed by the title character. A remake of the French classic Purple Noon.

Like New - price: $4.75

Local Hero (d. Bill Forsyth, 1983,  111m)
Comedy with a point has corporate lackey Peter Riegert (Animal House, Crossing Delancey) sent to a small coastal community in Scotland to buy it for a giant oil company, headed by capitalist Burt Lancaster. Once there, he begins to wonder if unbridled capitalism is such a great thing, compared to life in a small idyllic locale. Dvd contains both full frame and widescreen editions. A small gem of a film

Like New - price: $4.00 SOLD

Y Tu Mamá También  (d. Alphonse Cuaron, 2002,  105m)
Super young director Cuarón (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Little Princess) has created a sexy, erotic romance involving two men and a woman. Stars Gabriel García Bernal (Babel, Motorcycle Diaries) and Maribel Vardú

Like New - price: $4.75

INXS: The VIdeo Hits Collection  (2002,  105m) - all their best, 20 in all, featuring Don't Change, Need You Tonight, The One Thing, What You Need, Devil Inside

Like New - price: $4.75

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live from Austin, Texas  (2002,  105m) - the blues rock master at his best

Like New - price: $4.00

I also sold The Night Porter and The Unbearable Lightness of Being (on EBay), both romances, one with Charlotte Rampling painfully in love with Nazi sadist Dirk Bogarde, the other with doctor Daniel-Day Lewis juggling Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin in Czechoslavakia.. both very erotic.. Going and gone..

I also sold the Coen Brothers 1990 crime classic, Miller's Crossing.

To buy any, send me an email first so I can remove it from Ebay, then pay through PayPal (using my email address,, just give me the title you want, and your mailing information. I'll send it out usually the next business day, USPS first class, and it should arrive in 2-3 business days.

Due to savings on shipping:
  • buy 2, take $1.00 off
  • buy 3, take $2.00 off
  • buy 4, take $3.00 off
  • buy 5, pay for 4 (get the lowest priced one free)